Feature #3 Cars - my hobby

I love Racing, Rallies, Cannonball Runs, & the Ferrari, Lamborghini & Porsche.

Feature #3 Collectables - my addiction

Toys, stuff from space, memorabilia, cards, comics & other randomness.

Feature #1 VC - my business

This APP contains links to the best VC videos to learn how to pitch your startup business to Venture Capitalists. Plus my contact information, as I offer my own private equity to help startups fund, setup and sometimes manage sustainable growth plans.

Feature #2 SEO - my talent

Since 1997 I've been an elite SEO pro working with 100's including: Alibaba, TripAdvisor, IMD, AUDI, Tag Heuer, Nestle, smart & Global Sources. In the APP I disclose the SEO tools I use, give first hand insight to my SEO projects, SEO secrets & my backlink software.

Feature #6 Domains - my infamy

I've owned several famous domains, from 1 letter domains to country domains. I currently own the SEO. branded sites: SEO.name, SEO.mobi & SEO.travel

Feature #4 Travel - my passion

Been to 55 countries, while living and working as a local SEO consultant in Canada, China, Singapore, Switzerland, Thailand & the United States.

Feature #5 Marketing - my job

The APP contains marketing tips for AdWords, affiliate marketing, LinkedIn & Facebook ads. Also links to free trial accounts & $2,000 in free advertising.

SEO Tools, SEO Tips/Secrets & SEO Client Insights
Learn to Get Money from a VC with How to Videos
Free Multi-Month Trial for SEOmoz & HubSpot | Ad Credits for Google AdWords & bing Ads
Misc.info about Domains, Cars, Collectables & Travel

Alibaba, Director of Marketing: Jeanine Lee

He never ceased to impress me with his vast knowledge and creativity on finding different methods to pursue in the development of our project.

Agoda, SEM/PPC Executive: Weiyi Xia

He is best SEO specialist I've ever seen. Team members can learn a lot from him.

Ctrip, Senior Manager of Website: Gordon Choi

One of the few professionals who truly understands the essence of search engine optimization and where the future of SEO is heading under the direction of Google.

Dell, Global Search Lead: David Temple

With more than 10 years of internet marketing experience, much of that in Asia, Stephen has his pulse on the industry and is a trend setter.

Expedia, Director SEO: Susan Geraeds

Stephen's approach is very creative, inventive and proactive and it gives him a definite edge over the competition.

Google, Software Engineer: Jianfei Zhu

He is good at using SEO tools for improving the quality of a site so that the site has better ranking performance.

iCrossing, Account Director: Ahnee Min

He takes special care and values the importance of educating clients so that they are enabled and empowered with the right information to manage programs on their own.

neo@Ogilvy, Director: Bill Hunt

Stephen is one of the few search professionals that can develop a global search strategy as well as solve the most obscure technical issues preventing high rankings.

Orbitz, Senior SEO: Frank Cheng

Stephen is passionate, easy to work with, and also a great communicator. He not only understands SEO inside out, he also knows business, which makes him a full package.

Performics, Senior SEM Manager: Ken Tan

Stephen is a top SEM and SEO expert. I enjoyed a lot working with him when I was in product categorization role.

Proximity, Director: Devin Beringer

He is extremely thorough in his approach and will offer up SEO approaches which go far beyond what most companies normally implement.

Publicitas, Head of Product: Yves-Alain Schwaar

Stephen knows the Internet in the SEO / SEM / domain management field inside out. He is the most knowledgeable person in that field that I have ever met.

TripAdvisor, GM: Luc Levesque

He's helped me on several projects and I can confidently say that his SEO knowledge is at a level that is rare to find.